Raw materials, ingredients, formulations, chemical-based ingredients, water-based ingredients, alcohol-based ingredients, minerals, herbal ingredients, organic ingredients, additives, preservatives, colorings, essential oils, essence, aromas, flavours, powders, liquids, silicons, lubricants...

Why exhibit?

individual and group exhibitors from 15 countries

PRO'COSMETIQUE is the premier and unique professional tradeshow in North Africa dedicated to the cosmetics industry which is described by the eligible sources as definitely the fastest growing industry in the region ... read more

Algeria: The Key Market

strong economy, wealthy population

With its stable and open economy fed by the richness of natural blessings and its resilience especially after the winds of changes in Africa and Middle East, Algeria has become the most studied key market for all exporters, from neighbor to far-distant countries... read more

Why visit?

more than 10.000 professional visitors expected manufacturers, importers, distributers, representatives... from Algeria and African countries

Local buyers of the industry look for innovative and professional solutions to serve the great population of consumers who are in need for diversity and who can afford all types of cosmetics, beauty, hygiene and care products
from basic to premium... read more

Exclusive Media Promotion

the voice will be heard everywhere

In order to inform a wide audience, an informative conference and meeting plan will be followed in various regions of the country targeting press, sector associations and unions and industry zones.... read more



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